Frequently Asked Questions about the Ford Family Scholarship Programs

Will the Foundation accept scholarship applications from students who come from metropolitan areas?
Does the Foundation provide scholarships for children who want to attend a K-12 private or parochial school?
Do I have to attend college full time to receive the scholarship?
I am not planning on enrolling fall term/semester. Can I defer the scholarship until January of next year?
Where do I get an application to apply for this scholarship?
When is the application deadline?
Is there a fee to apply?
Do you have any helpful hints for filling out my application?
What happens if an application is incomplete by the deadline?
I have been convicted of a felony. Am I eligible to apply for a Ford Family scholarship?
What is the FAFSA and do I need to complete it to receive a scholarship?
How can I contact The Ford Family Foundation Scholarship Office?
Do I have to interview to receive this scholarship?
When will interviews be conducted?
Can I attend college online with a scholarship from The Ford Family Foundation?
If I plan to attend a community college, am I still eligible for the Ford Scholars Program?
For more information, contact:

The Ford Family Foundation Scholarship Office
440 East Broadway, Suite 200
Eugene, OR 97401
Toll free: (877) 864-2872
Local: (541) 485-6211
Fax: (541) 485-6223